The Greenwich Skating Club in Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich Skating Club pic
Greenwich Skating Club

Henry R. Minchin Jr. (Hank) of Greenwich, CT is the managing director of Credit Suisse in New York, New York, and also serves on the Credit Suisse US Equity Operating Committee. Outside of the office, Hank Minchin enjoys hockey and belongs to the Greenwich Skating Club.

The Greenwich Skating Club is a popular local ice rink and athletic center. The club is home to the only outdoor ice rink in Greenwich, giving members a welcome chance at outdoor fun during the cold winter months.

Due to its size and popularity, the Greenwich Skating Club only offers memberships to 250 families at a time. People who wish to join must find a current member to sponsor them and then wait for an opening.

Members have access to figure skating and hockey lessons at every level. Young figure skaters can master the basics in groups or in private lessons, while advanced students learn to perform jumps, spins, and other sophisticated maneuvers. Adult programs are available as well for both beginning and intermediate skaters.

The Club also offers youth hockey teams for players of all ability and commitment level. Travel leagues are an option for players who wish to compete in tournaments outside the city, while the outdoor hockey league is open to those who seek weekend play right at home in Greenwich.


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